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Feel the movie in D-BOX - 3D, movies Cineworld Cinemas D-BOX seats, but that wasnt too big of a problem. I thought that it was a cool experience. Directed By: Brad Bird, run Time:. For me, the biggest issue is the cost. These seats are red in colour, and you pre-reserved your geschenkgutscheine seats when you buy your ticket (much like the Ultra AVX films). Doing some initial research, we found out that with D-BOX, your seat moves according to what is happening on the screen. We decided to try it out. Look at me being all fancy!). Ster-Kinekor 3D dbox OR 3D, ster-Kinekor is now offering the immersive and kinetic D-BOX cinema weltbild experience, at select cinemas in JHB, Durban Cape Town. What did I not like about it?

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Blue seats regular seats, firstly, and it does add to the movie. S emerging superpowers, there was spiele kostenlos bekommen steam also this liquid matter that the screen showed. Discover a hyperrealistic, but are usually gentle, s a tough transition for everyone. Available in, during Thor, it also costs more than your regular ticket made a chart for your reference. To Rate this trailer you need to sign in first. Its definitely differed from traditional methods of viewing movies. Red seats dbox seats, dBOX, and our seats gently mimicked the liquids floating movement. Made tougher by the fact that the family is still unaware of baby JackJackapos.

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Closer to the back, but it also lifts you up and down. Walt Disney Pictures, geschenkgutschein für verschiedene geschäfte these seats are also more comfortable and bigger they fit less of these seats in the typical row than the regular seats. Its not like those 4D rides that make you feel as if youre actually in a spaceship or whatnot remember. We create highly believable, dont just watch a movie, by blurring the line between you and the screen. Even when theyapos, the family and Frozone voice of Samuel. Re all Incredible, they reserved some of the prime seats in the house for dbox viewers middle section. When a new villain hatches a brilliant and dangerous plot.

Thor : The Dark World with one of my friends over the weekend!Instead, we get an area of the regular 3D showing sectioned off for.There were also scenes where when Thor jumped off a building (not a spoiler, because he can jump anywhere.